When people buy new things, they always want to make sure that the quality of their purchase meets the price. It is easy to do this, for example, in a supermarket where you can touch the goods or even in some cases have a taste of the food you are going to buy. However, when [...]

Installation and selection of uPVC windows

Having decided to buy new windows, it is worth to think about the material which will be used for manufacture of the whole construction. Modern manufacturers offer a good selection of materials such as aluminium, timber and uPVC (or simply plastic). The first two can be combined to create even more functional constructions. Sometimes, [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of uPVC windows

When it comes to glazing, uPVC windows (also known as reinforced plastic windows) come out as the most popular option on the modern market. However, many people find it hard to select the best products for glazing of their homes. In this article we are going to dig deeper into this topic to help you [...]

Windows retrofit

Windows are one of the main elements of any building. Reconstruction of old buildings, modification of the exterior of the building or refurbishment of rooms inside the building go hand in hand with the need to install new windows that differ from the old ones by their high-quality and modern style. In order to [...]

uPVC Windows cost

The basis for calculating the cost of each construction are the dimensions of a window area and type of an opening. The most popular opening we offer for our uPVC windows are: fixed tilt only tilt turn tilt slide The wider the movable part of the construction and the more openings in one unit - the more expensive [...]

What to choose: Timber, Aluminium and uPVC windows comparison

When it comes to your home it is important to pick the best available material and do a due dilligence in comparing all the pros and cons. Windows and doors is an important part of the house that works both as an aestetics feature and weather barrier both inside and outside of the house. Let's  have [...]

What is uPVC Window?

The uPVC window is a choice of smart people because these windows guarantee the reliability, durability, quality and attractive view from the house. The uPVC windows and doors will provide you with safety and good thermal barrier between the outside and inside. You can be totally confident in their weatherproofness and energy efficiency. The special [...]