Colour Range

Our Windows and Doors are available in a number of colours from now on.

Extruded colours

Kömmerling have been producing classic white profiles for over 30 years. Now Kömmerling also have a wide assortment of ivory profiles available. The profiles are coloured in large quantities.

Weiss / White

Creme / Ivory / Beige

Unicolour Plain Surfaces

Achatgrau / Agate Grey

Signalgrau / Signal Grey

Schiefergrau / Slate Grey

Anthrazitgrau / Antracite Grey

Matte black

Ceylon Schwarz / Ceylon Black

Laminated colours

The profiles can also be given a different colour with the Renolit film. This can be applied purely to the outside, or even on both the inside and outside.

Bergeiche / Oak Mountain

Eiche Dunkel / Dark Oak

Eiche Dunkel ST / Dark Oak ST

Eiche Dunkel FT / Dark Oak FT

Eiche Rustikal / Rustic Oak

Mooreiche / Moor Oak

Sapeli / Sapele

Golden Oak / Gold Oak

Nussbaum / Nut Tree

Streifen Douglasie / Striped Douglas

Bergkiefer / Mountain Pine

Oregon / Oregon

Macore / Macore

Schwarze Kirsche / Black Cherry

Blossom Kirsche / Cherry Blossom

Kirsche Rustikal / Rustic Cherry

Irirsh Eiche / Irish Oak

Siena / Sienna

Unicolour Embossed Surfaces

Weiss / White

Cremeweiss / Creme White

Achatgrau / Agate Grey

Grau / Grey

Betongrau / Concrete Grey

Basaltgrau / Basalt Grey

Quarzgrau / Quartz Grey

Anthrazitgrau / Anthracite Grey

Braunmaron / Chestnut Brown

Schokobraun / Choco Brown

Schwarzbraun / Black Brown

Stahlblau / Steel Blue

Kobaltblau / Cobalt Blue

Brilliantblau /Brilliant Blue

Dunkelgruen / Dark Green

Moosgruen / Moss Green

Weinrot / Wine Red

Dunkelrot / Dark Red

Flame Painted Technology Colours

The profiles can also be painted in any desired colour using special flame technology.