European Style Lift Slide Doors

Our Lift & Slide solutions make it simple to open up your home to the outdoors. The ‘lift and slide’ design makes it simple to open and close the doors with relative ease, whilst the grandeur of the windows extends the feeling of space in your room.

Advantages of Lift & Slide Doors

Door Type Details

Lift and Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC


Our lift slide doors can be configured in a number of ways to suit your preference, by choosing the number of fixed panes and lifting or sliding sashes. For example, you can have a double-door, with one fixed pane and one sliding sash that either slides right or left, depending on your choice. Alternatively, both doors can lift and slide.

If you have a larger space to fill, you could have 3 or 4 doors, with any number of sliding panes, depending upon how much of an opening you would like to create. This gives you the freedom of having a single point of entry or, if you would prefer, opening the space fully out into a garden or terrace, allowing greater freedom of movement and ventilation.

Lift and Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Material: uPVC

uPVC Lift and Slide doors are built to last. Zero maintenance material provides a vast variety of options to satisfy your needs for traditional or contemporary look. They combine warmth and efficiency, protecting from noise and from burglary and are available in a combination with many features, including triple glazing and custom built shapes and colours.

Lift and Slide uPVC Doors made by Blue Sky Windows, Melbourne, VIC

Style: lift and slide

Lift Slide door is a revolution in contemporary opening styles. Massive, but still beautiful openings are perfect for big opening areas. With doors able to reach well beyond 6 meters in width and 3 meters in high with just 2 sashes opening, they are the greatest advanced technological doors there are at the moment. Door lifts off the sealing gaskets when handle is engaged and slides smoothly on the tracks supported by the top guide. When handle is engaged again door is being brought back on gaskets providing unbelievable security and seal to the door. Can be stopped in any position with multiple double sliders available — these doors are the piece of art well worth to have in any contemporary house.

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