For many house owners having uPVC windows installed is a deciding factor in energy saving and enhancing the comfort inside the building. Actually, 52% of Australians surveyed by BlueSky Windows reported that they bought uPVC windows to make their homes warmer and 48% said their main purpose was to cut energy bills. However, it is necessary to point out that insulating properties are most notable in double glazed windows, thus we decided to dig deeper into this topic so that you can make an informed decision when buying new windows for your home.

Get a better understanding of what double glazed windows are…

Double glazed windows include two glass panes with a layer of inert gas between them. Once sealed, the construction becomes airtight. This feature makes two-pane glass units twice as efficient in terms of thermal insulation as single glazed units.

Double glazing possesses many advantages and surpasses single glazed units in many ways. Double glazed units:

  • Make your rooms better insulated, thus preserving warm air inside the building. As a consequence, there are fewer draughts and less heat loss, which in its turn results in reduced energy bills.
  • Keep annoying noises out of your property. With double glazed windows you will enjoy quietness and comfort that is so vital for relaxation and good rest.
  • Eliminates moisture inside the building and prevents condensation from building on your glass panes. This helps enormously if your fight with the mould has been long and fruitless.
  • Improves security of your house. It has been proved that double glazed windows are much harder to break, thus you essentially get not only a perfect insulator but also some extra protection that will keep your property safe and reduce the likelihood of breaking and entering.

Money matters!

It is nice to know that double glazed windows help combat mould and improve the interior and exterior design of your house, however what people have been always particularly interested in is the money. We are constantly asked about the estimated amount that double glazed windows can save and whether the whole game is worth the candle.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact number since various households consume different amounts of energy and therefore their savings will also differ. However, we can give you a percent ratio. A survey conducted among the customers of BlueSky Windows has shown that energy bills can be decreased by as much as 15%. Some of you may say that this reduction is insignificant and there is no point in installation of double glazed windows, however, if calculated in the long run such change can help you save thousands of dollars.

Windows are worthless without frames!

At the beginning of the article we mentioned uPVC windows and then suddenly shifted our attention to double glazed units and their benefits. You as a reader may wonder at this change or think that uPVC windows and double-glazed windows are the same thing. However, that is not quite the case. uPVC is the material which is used for framing of double glazed units and it can be substituted for other materials such as wood or aluminium.

In order to make this issue even clearer, it is necessary to speak about all types of frames that are usually used for construction of double glazed windows. As we have mentioned earlier, the most popular type of frames for double glazed windows is the unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (or simply uPVC) which is a recyclable, strong and most importantly energy efficient synthetic chemical compound created in the nineteenth century. In the past this material was unreasonably avoided due to alleged harm to health, but nowadays it is one of the safest and most demanded materials not just on the windows market but in construction industry in general. uPVC frames for double glazed windows and doors can be performed in a broad range of colours and textures, therefore they will be a nice addition to any design. uPVC frames for double glazed windows are also very easy to maintain. All you have to do is clean them with a soft cloth and a drop of washing liquid from time to time.

Another option for framing of double glazed windows is wood. While being natural and eco-friendly, wood cannot boast all advantages of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. Wooden frames are very frequently reported to be inefficient in terms of insulation and durability. They need more rigorous maintenance and are less universal in their application.

One last option is aluminium. This material is as durable as uPVC and can be used for various purposes, however it is prone to corrosion from salt water. Thus, people living near the ocean should think twice before installation of double glazed windows with aluminium profiles. Another disadvantage of aluminium is its poor energy saving efficiency which is far higher in uPVC double glazed windows.

Things to consider

Windows with two glass panes need to be regarded as a single indivisible unit. The material you select for your frames may boost the performance of your windows as well as in some cases reduce their efficiency. However, this is not the only aspect to consider when buying double glazed windows. Pay attention to the amount of space between glass panes which should range from 6mm to 12 mm for optimal insulating properties and do not forget to inquire whether the spacer between the panes is supplemented with the drying agent which helps eliminate condensation of moisture that is occasionally trapped inside the glass unit.

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