We all spend a great deal of lifetime in our homes. Our homes are places of comfort and refuge where we can recover from the hectic pace of every day life. What should one take into consideration when creating a perfect home? What features and characteristics should we be thinking about when designing our personal space? First of all, everyone is entitled to feel safe at home.

Secondly, it’s fair to say we all want to come home to a beautiful space that’s inviting and cosy after a hard day at work.

In addition, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all that modern technology has to offer? Already, due to the high-tech revolution, various technologies of automation and house operating devices like “smart home systems” have begun to enter our domestic space.

We must also not forget about the environmental side of home design. Increasingly  more importance is being placed on using ecologically safe products. Therefore each relevant service and/or product has to be assessed from the point of sustainability, efficiency and ecological safety. After all these factors concern our entire life within our homes and we want to know we are using the best quality products we can afford.

Any decision relating to the quality and comfort of your personal space takes time, requires information and is not made lightly. In this day and age, we have high expectations when it comes to creating a perfect home for ourselves and our families.

The importance of window design features in your home cannot be understated. They regulate temperature, block the noise and fill your home with light.   They can also help you extend your space beyond the constraints of the walls.

Opening your windows allows you to broaden your space any time you want.  What can be better than having a family dinner or just resting inside while enjoying the outside view and fresh air.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes the frames and/or wall elements can prevent you from having an uninterrupted view and enjoying the open space.

Here at Blue Sky Windows we provide windows that help you manage your space while enhancing the safety of your home. When required our widows can be easily removed to provide you with an opportunity to invite and enjoy the outdoors atmosphere inside your home.

Blue Sky Windows make it possible for you to have the best of both worlds.

The Brand New Windows and Doors Model

Blue Sky Windows offers an outstanding technical solution of revolutionary slide, swing and folding system for doors and windows.  We offer a range of technical solutions – from unique features that would impress  architects and designers to practical solution perfect for families.

Our Bi Fold system is a popular choice for kitchens and open spaces.

In the past, the problem with this particular system was long-term reliability. The more sashes there are, the more issues there tend to be when it comes to heat difference and elements expansion. Therefore, in the past BiFold system wasn’t our first choice when advising our clients on long-term reliability features. Not anymore!

We now have a great new solution for your home – PremiFold.

PremiFold is the latest in a long line of product system innovations introduced in Germany at Fensterbau in March 2018. It is a new and exciting addition to the Blue Sky Window products list.

Not only PremiFold design looks more appealing – it has individual panels that are barely dependent on each other and therefore the design provides better structural integrity of the whole unit.  PremiFold windows fitting and installation is simple and straightforward. It offers greater flexibility and increased ventilation as windows have sashes that move independently. 

Highlights of the PremiFold

  • No visible hinges in the system.
  • Double and triple glazed units can be accommodated
  • Up to 6 overall panels with up to one meter wide each
  • Capable of achieving large spans
  • A huge variety of colours and realistic woodgrains including the latest colors recently added
  • Eco safe and sustainable product

Innovation and Energy Efficiency

The original goal of our engineers in creating this product was to maximize the ventilation and simplicity of installation and usage without compromising on safety. This task was determined by the indisputable necessity of the energy efficiency and ecological safety. After a few trials the team succeeded, and we are now proud to  offer lead-free Greenline compound slide and swing window and door system. While being ecologically safe this system is easy to install and simple to operate.

An Extensive Range of Colour

We offer a great range of colors and realistic woodgrains finishes that can satisfy a professional or a designer at heart. These options can help you make your doors or windows stand out features of any home, apartment or commercial property.

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