Project 1

Re: Happy Customers of Blue Sky Windows.

We were very happy with the finish and workmanship to fit the windows. The workers who installed them took time and ensured that measurements were taken twice before final sizes were determined. This means there were no issues when it came to fitment. When we were designing our house we were looking for window frames that would not transfer heat via window frames. These frames are PVC and dual glazed that open similar to a door so we get fantastic thermal qualities and the ability to open all windows to allow wonderful airflow to aerate the building. Blue sky windows have the ability to make anything you need and I would trust them to come up with a quality product every time “I wouldn’t use anyone else”. This is a weatherboard home, we were so happy with the finish of the plaster returns on the PVC frames it just works so well.
I am happy for anyone to come visit our home to see what the finished product looks like, it’s all about the quality!

From Geoffrey & Amanda